Intra-Oral Camera

One of the greatest features that we offer is the ability to see, first-hand, how we can help you. In many offices, the patient is forced to take dental action based solely on the recommendations of a dentist. We believe that our patients deserve more. We want you to see clearly and unmistakably what is happening with your dental health, and how we can help.

Our Intra-Oral Camera Technology provides that service to you. We now have the ability to show you, like you’ve never seen before, how our services can help you. Intra-Oral Cameras also allow us to monitor the effectiveness of our treatments, and how we can improve the ways we serve you.

The images and videos taken of your mouth can be used for you to see what doctors and dental assistants see when they look inside your mouth. It also provides the ability to show documented information to other dentists and insurances agencies as needed.